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May 11, 2022

Ep 43 - Interview with Jesse Romero, A Punch in the Gut

Ep 43 - Interview with Jesse Romero, A Punch in the Gut

Ohhhhh boy! You have been waiting for the day and here it is! Father Dom and James had the privilege and honor of interviewing the one and only Jesse Romero on the podcast and boy, did he not disappoint! For those of you who don't know Jesse, I am just going to drop a quote from his website: “If your parish suffers from low energy, call me, I can jump start it. I’m a full Gospel, Bible Believing, Born Again, Spirit Filled, Evangelical, Orthodox Catholic Christian, washed and empowered by the blood of Jesus.  With a Bible in one hand, with a rosary in my other hand and with Jesus in my heart, you will hear the fullness of the Catholic faith in an evangelical style with devil destroying theology.”

To say Jesse is energetic and passionate is an understatement. He brought the fire and hammer down during the podcast and you will not want to miss it. Be sure you check out the resources listed below to find out more about Jesse, ways to support the podcast, and other great content on our other social media platforms. 

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Resources mentioned in the episode:

  1.  Catechism of the Catholic Church Paragraph #407 --> So you know Jesse didn't make up the quote :) 
  2. Jesse's website --> Be sure to book Jesse for your parish to bring it alive again
  3. Virgin Most Powerful Radio --> where you can hear Jesse's podcasts as well as other amazing content 

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