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James is great

James is very authentic and passionate about his faith. A great host and an even greater father. Keep it up James!

Something different

I stumbled across your podcast recently. Have no idea how I got here haha. But I’ve enjoyed what I’ve heard. There are other “manly” Catholic podcasts out there, but this one is a bit different. What you bring to the scene has a feeling of newness. Something that the others aren’t fully providing. Your dynamic is refreshing. As a convert to the faith, I can relate. And Fr., you are real. You don’t come off as a towering figure that I can’t relate too. But as a real man who has embraced his vocation. I look forward to the growth of this podcast as it matures and curious of the impact it will have.

Great for Catholic Men

I’ve enjoyed how this podcast challenges me to step into my role as father, son, coworker, and friend. I found this podcast randomly and glad I did. 10/10 recommend if you are a manly dude.


Really good podcast - thoughtful and entertaining!