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Masculinity is under attack. The role of the man in society has been redefined and redesigned, and not for the better. Too many men have lost their identities. Too many men are on cruise control, letting their environment take them with the wind versus being decisive and taking action. Even worse, Catholic men are passive, indecisive, and allowing the culture to control their children. We have lost the meaning of our masculinity. We have let the snakes into the garden and have failed in our call to work and be the men God has called us to be. But not anymore! In this podcast, you will be challenged to step it up, to be a man, and answer the call every Catholic man is asked to answer. God has given each and every one of us the tools to rise to the challenge and be the husbands, fathers, priests, and men we are all called to be. It is never too late to accept this challenge and answer the call. Join James Caldwell and Fr. Dominic Courtourier as they take this journey with you, a Catholic man who is striving to do better, who is wanting more than just the day-in-day-out grind and is looking to become the best man God is calling them to be. Join us to become saints today!