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Feb. 15, 2023

Ep 70 - The Sum of All Fears

Ep 70 - The Sum of All Fears

Do you guys ever become afraid? Do you ever freeze? Fail to act when you know you should have? Or maybe you just are afraid of having that difficult conversation that you know you should have had 3 weeks ago. Whatever the case may be, we are afraid far too often. And that is this week’s episode.

Dan poses the question, "Is it ever okay to watch scary movies? As with every good answer, it depends. Does it bring you closer to God? Does it serve as mere entertainment? Or, does it drive you further from God or lead you down a darker path? 

Fear can drive us into action or paralyze us into inaction. It can devour us and all our waking thoughts or it can take us to our knees and give it all up to God. How we respond to fear tells a lot about how we will respond to life itself.

Join James and Dan on this week's episode to discuss those scary movies, what James and Dan fear the most, and why fear is the work of the devil.

CHALLENGE: This week, go to adoration. Could be 1 hour or even 5 minutes. Talk to God about your fears. Identify them. Name them. Give them to Jesus.

Do not be afraid. He has overcome the world. 

Resources Mentioned:

  1. The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter
  2. A Quiet Place with Jim from The Office AKA John Krasinski. 
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