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April 5, 2023

Ep 71 - Vulnerability is NOT A Weakness with John Edwards

Ep 71 - Vulnerability is NOT A Weakness with John Edwards

Do any of you go to a men's group? Does your parish even have a men's group? Or maybe you do go but they just flick on a video made by somebody else and that's it? The video might pump you up for 1/2 a day and then it fades and nothing in your life changes.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am not faulting the creators of these men's groups because there are some amazing ones out there. However, for the majority of men, this simply does not work. Think about it. If you are the lucky few who actually have a men's group, is it well attended? Think of all the men in your parish...what percentage are going? 10%? 20%?

Men, we NEED fraternity. We NEED our brothers. We NEED a change. Step in John Edwards.

If you don't know John, I invite you to check out episode 37 here. John is an amazing man and is doing incredible things over at Just A Guy In The Pew. Check out his website here

In this episode, find out why men's groups need to be different and how John introduces a different way based on the four pillars Jesus shared with His disciples. You won't want to miss this one! 

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