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July 28, 2021

Ep. 7 - Fatherhood Is Still Changing History

Ep. 7 - Fatherhood Is Still Changing History

Often it is said that history repeats itself. If fatherhood has changed history before, why not again? Why not you? We are ALL called to be fathers in one way or another. Whether you are a biological father, spiritual father, foster father, or simply mentoring young men, never underestimate the importance of your impact on people's lives.

Listen now to discover James' personal testimony on his reluctance to be a father, Fr. Dom's path to the priesthood, and how cervical mucus somehow plays a role in this episode. Say what?!

James' challenge! James has taken back-to-back episodes now. This is specifically challenging you married men who have chosen not to pursue fatherhood for whatever reason. Believe us men, James was there at one point. He wasn't ready. He wasn't mature enough. He didn't want to miss out on watching non-stop sports. The excuses were endless. Ask God specifically, "how are you calling me to be a father?" We are all called to fatherhood in some way. Ask God how he is calling you to fulfill your role as a father today.

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Resources Mentioned:
1.  Into the Breach by Bishop Olmsted
2. Knights of Columbus Video Series on Into the Breach
3. How to pray "Our Lady of Seven Sorrows"
4. How to pray the Rosary
5. Book link: "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrest Every Father Should Know." By Dr. Meg Meeker
6. NFP link

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