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Nov. 2, 2022

Ep 63 - Interview with David Arms, The Other Co-Author of Milestone to Manhood

Ep 63 - Interview with David Arms, The Other Co-Author of Milestone to Manhood

Are you ready to be inspired? Are you ready to take that next step and welcome your son (or daughter!) into adulthood? Then this is the interview for you!

Join James and David Arms, that other co-author of the book "Milestone to Manhood," a practical guide to your boys rite of passage into adulthood. Father Dom and James discussed Rite of Passages back in episodes 27, 29, and 30. BUT, this book actually gives you a template on how to actually incorporate that into your life. You won't want to miss this interview! James talks with the other Arms, David, to get the dad's perspective on the importance of the Rite of Passage for their family. 

Milestone to Manhood shows how fathers of pre-teen boys can help their sons to successfully make the transition from boyhood to manhood. It is a father’s responsibility to bestow the title of “man” on his son, and the book outlines a once-in-a-lifetime weekend to help a father do so. The weekend involves the other male role models in the son’s life as well, like his grandfather, uncles, and older brothers, who all participate in order to make it clear to the boy that he is now considered to be a man. This coming-of-age ceremony is called his Rite of Passage. Visit milestonetomandhood.com for more info!

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